problem setting up a project debut 3


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hello all,

i have just purchased a debut 3 and am really impressed with it, but seem to have a couple of issues.

first off i got the arm balanced ok but the counterweight didnt seem to be very accurate when i turned it to the manufacturers settings so i am not completely sure if it is now the right weight?? is there a way of knowing?

Also i recently played some of my vinyls on a friends tt and experience no crackle whatsoever however on the debut 3 it happens regularly on all my records, is this due to a slightly better stylus picking up all the defects or a problem with the weight of the arm on the record??

also when i put the antiskate weight on it seems to be very heavy and just pulls the arm into the center of the record which is sort of the opposite effect it is supposed to achieve as i understand it. Without the weight the arm doesn't seem to skate so is it really needed?

sorry for all the questions i have a search for the answers but coulndn't seem to find a satisfactory answer, would be very grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction.

many thanks



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Hi're going to need to set up the TT fairly carefully to get decent results.

The first thing you need is a decent cartridge protractor(to set up the angles correctly)and a stylus weight guage(the Shure is fine,as is the one on this site...

British Audio Products Online - High end Audio Accessories, Hardware, Turntables and spares )

You should also invest in a test disc to enable you to set not only the ideal tracking weight but also bias(anti-skate) to the correct levels.

Turntable Basics Advice Page

A Beginner's Guide to Cartridge Setup

The above should give a decent starter.


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Hi Vinylblues,

make sure your trackingforce is correct. Seems as if its too heavy. I had about the same prob with my RegaP3 (althou is doesnt have the antiskating weight, my Thorens has thou). Theres a lot of tips on the "analog
Dont worry too much (just a bit) on the antiskating force. this is always just an average, since that force is different ant the end/middle etc.
Set your tracking force (usually 1,75 gr w/ the ortofon OM5), make sure its about correct. spin a 7" single.
if the arm moves to the inside you need to add antiskating."




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Vinylblues hasn't said which cartridge he's using,and the precise tracking weight will depend to a large extent on that.

He also hasn't mentioned anything about what weight he's using,so you can't say if it's too much or not.

It is worth reading a guide or two before setting up a turntable and cartridge,and doing it properly,to get the best out of it.


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you are right Alex, but i assumed he got the OM5, since the debut comes with it and he didnt mention anything about another cartridge.(and i am just waking up)
thats why i guided him to the analog
Just wrote down my own experiences.
He should indeed read some guides and a test record (i have the Hifi CHoice one, which comes with a protractor) is a very handy tool.
Michael Fremer's 'practical guide to turntable set up' could be a handy dvd



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The Fremer disc is a very good guide,by someone who really does know what he's doing,and a very good recommendation.

Half of the reasons that people end up disatisfied with the turntables are usually down to poor or hasty setup,and it can take hours of fiddling to get something just right.

Many cartridges have a very narrow "sweet spot" in which they work really well,and vertical tracking angle is one aspect thats often missed,or cannot be changed on some arms,and can make quite a change.


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wow thanks for all the info that is a big help i really wasn't expecting such a speedy response:D. i am going to have a look at the advice pages you recommended now.

just for the record i am using the out of the box stylus and cartridge which is the ortofon om5.

as this is new to me is there anywhere i could take it to be set up by a pro? or do you reckon with a bit of common sense and some patience i will get it myself, i am a big music fan and want to get the best sound possible.

i live in weybridge in surrey if you knw of anyone in these parts.

thanks again

vinyl slightly less blues


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I think you can do it yourself with some of patience. And if you dont succeed you can always go to a pro.:suicide:
I'm sure you'll find guidelines (unlike this one: ) on google.
Keep the stylus protector on when tweaking the cartridge or you'll really get the blues.
I really thought the cartridge alrady came alligned with the project. (anyways one should always doublecheck anyways)

good luck

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