Problem reading dvds Ive burned


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I have been backing up some of my files on dvds and having no problems burning them. However when I tried reading from the dvds they do not work, the dvd drive does not recognise the disk. I tried reading them on another computer and had the same problem. I am using nero 7 and have also tried sonic record-now but both burn the dvds but they still cannot be read. I have also tried burning at 2x speed (the lowest option) but nothing seems to work. It used to work fine and dvds which I burned a while ago still work on my computer.

I tried burning a cd and that worked fine, even at 24x.

Any Ideas?


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Sounds like your burning the files with a different file system than normal. Like UDF or something. Check your burn settings and make sure it's set to joilet iso-9660.


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Are you burning DVD+RWs or plain DVD+?

If /RW then remember to finalise the disc for access. Otherwise for /R did you notice that Nero burnt the lead-in / lead-out?
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