problem playing ntsc dvds


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here's my setup:
freeview box , scart to tv & scart to sony vcr
toshiba sd110e dvd connected to vcr via scart

now this looks wierd but it works ok most times. i can select dvd via the tv remote input select. BUT i just noticed that i can't play region 1 ntsc dvds this way. all i get is a blurry monochrome picture.

if i connect the dvd player direct to the tv scart, all is well.

aany ideas why the vcr will pass through a pal signal but not ntsc?


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Direct connection from DVD to TV is probably passing through RGB whereas the VCR isn't.

TV can handle PAL and RGB but not NTSC. You need to look for a setting in your DVD player for colour system - and select PAL rather than "Auto" if you can. Failing that, use the direct connection.


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thanks for your reply.

funny thing is if i set the dvd player to output video or s-video, the picture is still b/w. altering the pal/auto setting makes no difference.

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