Problem playing CDs through 608/808 set-up..


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Hi Forum,

I'm Paul, new to the forum and to Onkyo for that matter..

I have an annoying problem I cannot seem to work out, perhaps someone here can help me out:)

I have a new set-up: Onkyo TX-SR608 receiver with an BD-SP808 DVD/BR/Cd-player, hooked up to a Sony Bravia NX-7 (also some consoles and a cable box, but probably irrelevant..). All works fine, looks awesome and sounds great, but I cannot seem to play CDs without the TV turning on.
Even if I turn the TV off with the power switch on the side, the player still turns off...

Of course, this might be due to the HDMI connection being favoured over the analog connection I also laid between the two Onkyos, but there must be a setting somewhere to let the receiver or player know not to bother the TV when a CD is inserted, for instance by not using the HMDI but the analogue connection.

A fair few assumptions there, I might be dead off and have screwed up something else entirely... any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

Thanks, Paul


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Apparently I was looking in the wrong corner... nothing to do with Onkyo equip., I had only turned 'HDMI control' off on the receiver, had not done so in the TV settings, that solved it.. (I'm kind of new to the whole digital age..)

Thanks anyways.


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