Problem on my green tube (BD 800)


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Apr 20, 2001
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Hi all,

I seem to have a problem on the green tube of my BD 800. Even without any source input the green tube is very slightly on, enough to generate a pale green image that overhangs either side of the screen and goes onto the wall. This how I first noticed it as when I was watching a movie I could see this faint green image hitting the wall. At first I thought the geometry settings had got screwed up but looking at it seems not. Any help you guy's could give me would be appreciated.
Either your G2 voltages have had a sudden change as seems to be the fixation by a lot of forum members. (G2 needs ajusting about every 5 years ;) )

Or I'm afaid your amplifier is about to go bad. Several ways to confirm this. Looking into the tube with the no signal glow you may be able to see diagonal lines in the glowing phospor. No amount of G2 adjustment will get rid of these and still retain a watchable picture.

The most sensible way to test is to swap the amplifier to a differnt tube. the amplifier is the 5x1.5x1" board with a black heat sink alround the edge. It is bolted to the chasis by two bright slotted screws. connect to the tube endstage by a small bunch of yellow wires and a white plug. On the back are more yellow wires and another plug.

swap this board with one of the other colours if the problem moves then its' the RGB amplifier about to go bad. If not it is a G2 issue.
Hi Roland,

Thanks for that mate. I'll check that straight away (I'm off work for a while so have plenty of time).

What sort of money are we looking at if it is the RGB amplifier?

Thanks again Roland for your help.
Me again!

Right I've swapped the green/blue amplifier boards over and as predicted the problem followed the amplifier board over to the blue tube so that proves it's the board (I can also see those diagonal lines you mentioned).

So there we have it. A new amplifier board it is then. Could you give me an idea of cost mate?

Thanks Roly.
I charge £20 for these exchange.
I.E. I send you one & you send me the old one back
I've got loads at the moment
Send me an email with all your details and the barco part number R76**** and I'll get one in the post,
[email protected]
Email sent my good man :smashin:
Hi Roland,

I've got the old amplifier board all packaged up and ready to go. Just need a shipping address.

Have you had chance to send the replacement out at all? As I'm off work this week and I'd love to watch a few movies but I'm not going to get a chance with the old PJ like this.
Sorry I've been away for a few days. It went in the post today
Thanks Roland.

Will the package contain your shipping address? I can then get this broken amplifier board in the post to you with the payment.
Hi Roland,

The amplifier board was delivered today and was installed pretty much straigh away :) Can confirm all is now well and I can return to normality.

My broken board is at this moment winging it's way towards you in the post (with payment).

Just like to say thanks again for your help and a big :smashin:
Another happy ending, cue music and horses riding off into the sunset.

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