Problem on a VHS video connected to Ferguson

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by scooby do, Apr 2, 2003.

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    Hi there, anyone got any ideas what this problem could be. My parents own a Thompson 29 inch TV.Antenna is connected to VCR (akai) with RF cable to back of the TV. VCR is connected to TV by scart. They have a problem where the TV keeps switching between mono and stereo on analogue terrestrial. I have isolated the problem down to the video as If i remove the video from the chain ie plug the antenna into the rf cable (thus testing the short RF cable as well) the problem goes away. I have switched off the RF output from the video as I thought this may be causing the problem but to no avail. Could the VCR be antenuating the signal? If so anyone know a cure? The antenna has some sort of booster mounted at the TV end as if I bypass this the signal is very snowy. I have never seen a booster work so well actually.

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