Problem logging on to PS3 Network


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I connect my PS3 to my Netgear Rangemax DG834PN via wifi. I have no problems connecting to the Internet browser on my PS3, and I can surf pretty much indefinitely.

However when I try to sign in to the PS3 network, it usually logs in on the first try, but within a couple of minutes I get a message saying that there is a network error and I get logged out. After that it is difficult for me to log back on. It usually takes me over 10 tries before I get logged back in, and even then the connection isn't stable.

This is a real problem when I try to play online games and downloading update/demos etc. One interesting thing is that once I do get to the stage where I successfully connect and start downloading a PS3 firmware update, the connection usually lasts until the update is fully downloaded. However, in the case of games I usually get logged out after a few minutes of entering a game.

Please help!


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Instead of starting a new thread i thought i would just post it in this one.

What I want to know is anyone is having difficulty signing into the PSN today. I have tried both wired and wireless without much luck. With my wired connection I can't log in (but i do get an internet connection thru the ps3) and I get an error code 80710092. Then with the wireless it is the same, where i can't log in (but this way I can't get an internet connection) ans says there is a DNS problem.

Clearly there isn't a problem with my network settings since they are set-up by myself and they have been the same since I got the ps3, and have worked fine until this morning.

BTW I have the PS3 I.P. address manually selected and is set on my router as the DMZ, so it shouldn't be a port issue.

Any help would be most greatful, or aslong as I know others are having the same trouble today at least it would put my mind at rest.




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Also, when I DO get to log on to a game server e.g. Rainbow 6, the lag is really bad and the games are always unplayable. I know it can't be my internet connection because I also use my PC for online gaming and the lag is not a problem.

Mark Botwright

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What signal strength are you getting? Have you moved any furniture or something in the way of the signal path to the router?


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Signal strength isnt the problem as it is over 80%. I can browse the web with no problems even when I can't log onto the PS Network.


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I have figured it out! I got this from a post in This chap who bought himself a Netgear MIMO Wifi router also had problems with his PS3 when the PS3 is in Wireless mode. Apparently the PS3's controllers emit a signal which interferes with the router. This in turn messes up the PS3's connection to the router.

The only solution to this is to connect the PS3 to the router with an ethernet cable.

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