Problem like maria - missed sat's 2nd show !?

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by Dunkwho, Aug 6, 2006.

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    Boo hoo, I'm now living my life in the dog house :(
    I'm figuring most of you will back my side of this arguement and hoping that one of you will be able to help me out. My wife (and her whole family!) love the sound of music and have been glued to the new What to do with a problem like Maria show, booked tickets etc etc. We went out last night for a curry (this is part 1 of why I'm responsibe ?!), came back and watched the show from 18.50 as lovingly recorded on my MCE HTPC, got to the end only to hear "Join us later tonight for the live performances" :eek: . My wife's face dropped. Why hadn't the HTPC done its stuff (the 2nd reason why I'm responsible) .. because this is a different show in the EPG and not knowing it was on I'd not setup a series record for it, neither had anyone else that we know. We've had a fun morning of "did you record the 2nd show", "2nd show ... what 2nd show??" with everyone else joining us in the disappointed boat.

    So - can anyone help us out? Does anyone have the 21.25 show recorded that wouldn't mind sticking it on a dvd (any PC format that I'll convert, or straight video dvd would be fine). I'll stick a blank dvd in the post of course ...

    Feel free to add your "show, what show?" comments if you're in the same boat as us !! :D


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