Problem displaying Virtual Console games on new TV


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I have always had my Wii hooked up to my 32" HD LCD TV via Component, on the EDTV setting, and everything has worked perfectly.
However, I have recently bought a new 22" HD LCD TV for the bedroom, and have experienced a problem when trying to play my Virtual Console Games.
The Wii loads up fine, and I get the menu screen. However, when I click on a Virtual Console game, the screen goes blank and then I get the message "no signal". I then have to turn off the Wii, and turn it back on again. This happens on all the Virtual Console games I have got: Mario 1, 3 and World, and Donkey Kong Country.
This problem does not happen when the Wii is connected to my 32" Mirai TV, only when hooked up to my 22" LG TV.
Has anyone else experienced this problem before, and does anyone know a fix?

Thanks very much in advance :)

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