Problem displaying Sky Q HDR HLG formats with Arcam AV850 without screen locking out showing Invalid format


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Similar issue with Sky Q > Onkyo Tx-l50 > Philips 50PUS9005/12
Sky Q set to 2160 10 bit, able to pass UHD, HDR etc, but when “coming off” a UHD/HDR source on the sky box, I get an “Invalid video format” on the tv, even though picture and sound are displayed fine.
Reselecting the same input source hdmi with the tv remote clears the warning.
Have tested Sky Q > TV > onkyo via ARC instead, no error messages, but av sync issues that tipped the boss of the house over the edge so had to revert.
Swapped HDMI cables, no better. It’s definitely a HLG handshaking thing via the AVR.

Geordie Amanda

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I ended up buying a Denon x4700H as my Onyko tx zr800 would not pass though HLG from SKY Q. The only work around was to plug directly into the tv (a 5 year old LG OLED) from the SKY Q, but that caused handshake issues-not created by the HDMI cable btw. The only work around I had available for ease of watching 4k on SKY at the time, was to simply not watch the HLG version of SKYs 4k shows, as luckily they offer both flavours, or at least always 4K and sometimes the addition of HLG. Funny thing was HLG from the BBC, using the tvs internal iplayer app, allowed 4K HLG.

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