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I have a problem copying Tom Tom Maps to my 2GB SD card, when I get to 960MB on the card, the card crashes and will not let me copy any further data to the card. I thought the card was faulty, so I bought a second 2GB card and exactly the same happens on both cards. I have tried a different computer, and still cannot load any data larger than 960MB on to it.

I am using a USB2 card reader to load the maps.

What if anything am I doing wrong?

Is the card wrong format for such a big file, should it be FAT 32?

Any suggestions.

Fred Smith

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As you have tried two 2Gb SD cards it is likely that the USB card reader does not support cards over 1Gb.

Poundland had a SD / MMC / RS-MMC card reader for a £1 recently if you can find one might be worth trying as it plugs directly into a USB socket.

Edit. Just tried a Kingston 2Gb card and the Poundland reader, all OK with USB 2 and FAT. There is a note on the Kingston's packaging though:

"2-Gb cards may require updated device drivers."

Might be worth trying to find updated drivers for your card reader.


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I've had problems like this before when copying mp3's to the card ,gets so far ,then all the data is corupted. I think it's my old reader being not compatable .Now , I copy all the files , like my Tomtom maps to a 2g card through my satnav[Navman PIN570] which is connected to the PC . I transfer my music to the card this way too .NEVER ,format a card through the Pc ,different file format and you'll probably not be able to use it again in the device.You should connect your TT to the PC and transfer data to the card this way .Does TT not show itself as a another drive icon when connected ??


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Can't you copy the data via a mobile software suite or active sync?


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