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I am having problem with Copying from SKY+Planner to DVDR. I can record a programme that is currently showing no problem. But when I try to copy using the Copy Function and follow the instruction it only copies watch is showing at the time. In both cases it has copied the planner showing the items that i want to copy.

Am, I missing something here as SKy Technical say that I have to view the film and copy..

I am connected by Scart from sky box to dvd from video scart out and HDMI to the tv.


Any advise would be grateful.



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After selecting the programmes to Copy, you need to press Select again to make the programmes play, one at a time. If you are recording the Planner, it is because you aren't playing the programmes that you have selected to Copy. Didn't you notice that the programmes weren't actually playing before switching your telly off and going to bed?

Unless you want to record multiple programmes as one programme on your DVD, you shouldn't really be using the Copy technique. Just play back the programmes one at a time, and set your DVD recorder to stop recording once the programme has finished. Far easier and better control than recording lots and lots of programmes as one big programme using Copy.


also note you should have connected the tv scart output socket to the recorder , not the video socket

set it to rgb 16:9 and you will preserve the widescreen flags as well as being in rgb and not composite


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:( Hi,

I am still at alost on why I am not able to copy from the SKY HD to my DVDR. I have followed the instruction and your gus instruction but when i press play it just returns to the Planner and this what is recorded. Any idea what i am doing wrong??? I know it is set up correctly as I record from SKY AV2 no problem. It just that the copy function does not seam to work.

ANY advise would be appreciated.



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It sounds like you are pressing another button after you have pressed Play (which starts the programmes selected for Copy playing).

Pressing any key on the remote cancels the Copy function and returns the Sky box to displaying what is in the planner - and you say that this is what you are getting. It can also happen if you press the Play button for too long - basically the Sky box interprets the fact that you have left your finger on the button for longer than normal as you intended to press the button twice, once to start it and once to stop it.

It's probably best if you stop trying to use the Copy function and just play the programmes one at a time for recording - like most people do. Or ask a friend or family member who has more dextrous fingers than you to select the items for copying, press the select button, press record on the DVD recorder then press play on the Sky box. It can be awkward if you don't know what you are doing.

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