Problem connecting VCR and STB to Aconda 9381.

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by ianw2, Nov 2, 2002.

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    I've an Aconda 9381 and I've connected the following via scart;

    AV1; Panasonic HS820B VCR
    AV2; Pace DTR735 DTT set-top box (RGB)
    AV3; DVD player (RGB)

    RF goes from aerial to STB to VCR to TV.

    This all works fine.

    Then I connected the VCR to the STB by scart so that I can record digital channels on the VCR over the scart. The hope being that for digital channels I need only set the timer on th STB, and the VCR would start recoding when it detects the signal from the STB. I've not actually tried recording like this because of the following problem.

    If I have the TV select AV1 or AV2 and the VCR and the STB are powered off I get some weird audio 'feedback' coming through the TV; horrible high pitched sound through TV speakers.

    Interestingly if I have TV on AV1 and the VCR is off and the STB is on then I get audio/visual output on AV1 from the STB. If I have TV on AV2 and the VCR is on and the STB is off then I get audio output on AV2 from the VCR.

    I wouldn't recommend anyone trying this. This 'feedback' seems to have degraded my TV audio performance in general.

    Any advice I what is wrong here ? What I need to do do stop the 'feedback'. Any ideas on what may have been damaged in my TV audio components.


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