Problem connecting subwoofer to Onkyo TX-SR605. Help!


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I had an all in one Sony surround sound system that I got free with my Sony HD TV. However it had no digital inputs and I wanted to connect the PS3. All the surround speakers connected to the Onkyo but I obviously needed a new subwoofer.

The problem I have is that I have now tried 3 different powered subwoofers and can get no sound from any of them. The latest is the Wharfedale WDHX-160SSP.

I have tried connecting with both a coaxial digital audio cable and also with a basic phono cable. Neither work. I have tried various calibration settings from -3db to +3db and at various volume settings on the subwoofer from about a quarter all the way to full. It goes without saying that I have tried all the various combinations of the above. I have set the system to 5.1 (correctly) and (in config) I have set the subwoofer to 'Yes'. Audyssey recognises all of the other speakers. I am connecting via the subwoofer pre out on the Onkyo but have also tried the other subwoofer connection, to no avail.

Please help, I have the distinct feeling I am probably missing something very obvious.

In advance: Thank you :lease:


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What crossover setting has audessy set up for the sub? 80hz is recommended.
What are you using to test the lfe channel, does the lfe icon show up on the onkyos display.
Is there a switch on the back of the sub to change from line level to high level input.
What cross over is the sub set to, should be max or 200hz ish


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To be honest I'm not really sure. Have tried changing the various options on the subwoofer (which came with no manual) from default to max in varoius combinations and have tried virtually every combination that vaguely makes some sense on the Onkyo. Unfortunately I am new to all this. It isn't helped by the subwoofer only using abbreviations eg 'c', 'fr', 'sl' etc. From what i have read I assume c = crossover and I figure that fr = frequency. I have seen no lfe indicator on the Onkyo.

Sorry for not being much help1 ;)


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p.s I have tried setting 'c' on the subwoofer to max and have set the lpf on the onkyo to 80Hz as recommended. still no joy :(

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