Problem connecting PS3 with home theater, please help


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Hello all, i have a Sony Bravia 46 inch, a sony home theater DAV-TZ230 5.1 , and a ps3.
The home theater is connected to the TV with HDMI and a scart. there is no optical cable input, or anything else. The sound worked when i watched channels on tv, but when i switched to the playstation 3 , i didnt have sound..
Any idea how to fix this? Both ps3 and Home theater are connected via hdmi on the tv.
there is only one hdmi slot on the hometheater..
any help will be appreciated , thank you


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Perhaps i've misunderstood, but you have your ps3 connected to your tv via hdmi and you want the sound to go via the home cinema receiver? or is the sound not working from the tv's built in speakers?


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as blueseidboy has said, you have not been very clear about what you have said.

I will asume you have the ps3 connected to the tv with hdmi, then the scart on the home cinema connected to the TV also for its built in player? you will need to look for some sort of input, i would find it hard to believe that it wouldnt have some sort of RCA input on it.


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Sorry, ill be more clear.
Playstation via HDMI to TV
Home theater via HDMI and scart to TV (i had to use the scart otherwise the sound didnt work)
The sound from the HT works when i watch TV channels.
But when i go to playstation it doesnt work, and i have to switch to the built in speakers.
So thats why i need to find a solution, cause i cant watch blue ray movies and have the built in speakers !
All the devices are SONY, why they make it so confusing?


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your DAV is a pure DVD system designed to be connected to a TV either via HDMI or Scart.

Judging from the connection options this is not intended to allow an additional component to be added (except for a USB device). Both HDMI and Scart are outputs.

To achieve what you want to do the DAV would have needed either an HDMI or an optical input.

The DAV 260 would have been better for you actually as this has the optical input.

Hope this helps.
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You still haven't explained what your problem is. Do you want the audio from the PS3 through the TV speakers - and are failing? Or do you want the audio from the home cinema speakers - and are failing?

Assuming it is the TV speakers, if you can see the output from the PS3 on the TV, you should also be able to hear the output from the PS3 on the TV. The HDMI cable connecting the two together carries both audio and video, so unless the HDMI cable is delivering an audio format to the TV which the TV can't understand (i.e. DTS or HD audio) then the TV should be able to provide the audio as well as the video for both Blu Ray discs and Playstation games.

Assuming it is the home cinema speakers - if your home cinema won't accept input from the PS3, and if your TV is incapable of sending the signal out from its scart socket that is currently being shown on screen (i.e. the Playstation) then you have no way of achieving this. But many TVs which can send their Freeview signal to their scart sockets (which is presumably how you are managing to hear Freeview through the home cinema) can send other output also to their scart sockets - your TV manual should explain if this can be done and how to do it. But it will be stereo only.
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