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Hello all Sharp owners

I bought my LC-37GA9E for use with a computer. I got some reports from a swedish forum that it should handle 1:1 pixel mapping via the VGA connection. Now when the TV is in place and then computer is connected i am really disappointed.

My conclusions so far is:

- Very hard, if not impossible, to tune the tv to match the incomming the computer picture. I have tried three different computers and fine tuned the picture with all sorts of test patterns. I have failed.
- Worst of all: When sending a x*768 (1360, 1366 or 1024) picture from the computer the tv will scale this to 767 lines on the tv. There is no way to fix this! If you examine the screen, look at the bottom of the screen and bring up the menu. You will see that the lowest line is not used when displaying a computer picture but it is used for the menu. The attached picture shows a close up of the problem.


Is it only me or have anyone else seen this?

For me this makes the tv pretty worthless! I will probably try to return the tv and find a better one. I will try with Sharp support first though.

Bäckman (Sweden which expains some spelling errors...)

PS. If this problem is reported in another thread i am sorry. I search but could not find anything.


I've just about given up trying to get my aquos lc37ga8e to display at native res.
I've used powerstrip to create a custom res (tried 1360, 1366, 1368 etc), but the TV scales anything over 768 lines to XGA (1024 x 768).

The problem seems to lie with the screens EDID and I can't get around it.

What vid cards are in the PCs you tried?
nvidia cards seem to be unable to ignore the EDID (it's beyond me anyhow), but I haven't had luck with my ATI either. Earlier Aquos models had dot-by-dot options in the menu, but those clever folks at Sharp have done away with it

Hope this points you in the right direction


Well I have come a bit longer then you have. When sending a wide signal (1360 or 1366) to the telly you need to change the wide mode to Full. This will stretch the picture to the full width of the screen.

However as I wrote in my previous post it is impossible to fine adjust the telly to the computer signal to get pixel matching. But the worst thing is that the telly does not use all 768 lines of the panel and therefore scales 768 down to 767 lines.

To answer you question I have tried four different computers. Two laptops with Intel graphics and some Via junk I think. The driver for the Intel chip does not accept custom resolutions or any WXGA resolution so I am stuck on using 1024x768. The other two computers use nVidia graphics, one 7600G and one 4200. I mainly use the 7600 for testing and it seems that it is possible to use 1366 with it.

I have still not talked to Sharp since I need more people to test if they experience the same thing as I do.

/Stefan Bäckman, Stockholm Sweden


Sorry, these attempts were made via VGA or via DVI->adapter->HDMI?!? :rolleyes:

Do you have some news about? :)

I read on an italian site that the 37ga8 can be connected via HDMI to PC, but I haven't found someone that has tried.... :(

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