Problem connecting 360 to passord enabled university network


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to put it simply, im in uni accomodation and i can only connect my 360 to the internet via a wired connection straight to the wall socket, so i have no control over any router of any kind. the main server belongs to the uni.

so when i plug the wire directly into my 360, it recognizes there is a network, but it doesn't connect to the internet. took me a while to figure it out but i remembered the network is password protected :rolleyes:

the laptop im using now is connected to the wall socket and the password was entered at the beggining of the year and works fine.
so my first thought was to go to the 360 advanced network config screen and add in the user name and password that i have in the user name and password options in the PPPOe.

i have no idea btw what PPPOe ie is, looked at the meaning on wikipedia and i didnt get it.

anyway, this brought me a step backwards and the 360 didnt recognize a network of any kind and told me it couldnt find an ip address and a long list of other things aswell

is there something obvious im missing? could i try bridge my laptop to my 360 so my laptop can give my 360 internet? if so how, considering i only have one ethernet port on my laptop, which would need to be connected to the wall.

thanks for your time and any suggestions you can give me:thumbsup:


i went to xbox live to see the problem further, i swithched the setting to manual ip and im pretty sure i got it all right.
it said to change the last digit of you i.p adress on your computer to a digit up, im my case it was a 9, so i turned it into 8.

anyway now, it is still not connecting, but it says my network might be filtering my my mac setting. and am completly stumped now, there must be an easier way!
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Hi, thanks for the reply.

i looked at your guide and tried your MAC address suggesstiong, unfortunatly that didnt work. my physical address was longer than described and not as many characters. is it bad to give your physical address over the internet? because i don't think mine is right and i get the same problem of it regognizing a network and not the internet, you sure i don't enter my password anywhere? *****
my bad, scrolled up the cmd page and saw other physical addresses which might work

however ive thought of something which might work. correct me if im wrong, but if i were to connect my laptop to the internet through a USB port (with one of those ethernet adpaters) and the connect my laptop with the ethernet cable straight to the 360 and change the settings in vista to share internet (my friend once managed to set this up for me, but i had wireless at home, so not sure if usb works) would i be able to play live with the internet the laptop is recieving?
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Naa its no big deal giving your physical address on the Internet, can't see how it would be shorter they are fixed length

Yes you can also "piggyback" via your laptop if you want, in fact if you have to enter a password to access the internet or network that is your only option.

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