Question Problem: 1recevier with 1Monoblock+2single LNB


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I would like to expand my system, I would like technical assistance for that.
Currently 1 Monoblock head and 1 single head are placed in front of a plate. The two heads are connected to the receiver via a DiseqC option switch. The Monoblock head is connected to the "A / B" input of the Diseqc option switch and the 1 single head is connected to the "C / D" input. So I'm going to broadcast 3 satellites. On the receiver unit, the Diseqc1.0 setting allows the Monoblock head to be received on Port1 and Port2, and the single head on Port3. I installed another single head to receive a fourth satellite. My idea was to connect the two single heads to the inputs LNB1 and LNB2 of a DiseqC switch and connect the output of this switch to the "C / D" input of the Disqc option switch. I was expecting the new head to appear on Port4 of receiver with this solution. The result, is now only the satellites of the Monoblock head at the "A / B" input can be received on Port1 and Port2, but there is no signal at all on Port3 and Port4. So the two single heads are out of reach. Please help with what the problem might be and what would be the right solution for this set? Thanks in advance.

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