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How long will the screen last? I am starting to think about a plasma, but so far my knowledge is very little at the moment. One of my main fears is that spending 5-6 grand on the pasma that it would only last around 5 years, and before this the picture quality drops in preformance, this due to gases being used for the picture itself wearing out.
Just the first point to clear as I am looking around for info.
I wont go to local Curry,s ect.
Your advice as usual much appreciated,


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I recently heard someone quote a lifetime of 10,000 hours on the newer models. Can't remember the details exactly, I'll see what I can dig up.



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10,000 sounds way too low.

Generally plasma life spans are quoted as the time taken to fall to half the brightness of the screen when new.

Not all makers seem willing to quote figures, and even when quoted they are extrapolations rather than actual figures since the screens have not been around long enough.

Recent models have been quoted as taking 20-25,000 hours to fall to half-brightness.

On that basis, even heavy usage would give you over 10 years to half the original maximum brightness, and considering the first thing most plasma owners do is turn down the brightness there would seem to be little to worry about really.


Edit : Do also consider that there are many new plasmas on sale at the lower end of the price range that are based on older technology, do not expect the same lifespan from these as they do not use the more recent designs that allow the longer life-spans.

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As per Marks post the 'expected' lifespan of any of the NEW displays is around 25,000 to half brightness - so even after 25,000 hours of continuous use it will still be very useable.

Remember that the output of today's panels is more than double the brightness of panels when they were first launched in 1998.

Its not the gas that burns out (and NO you cant regass a display as is commonly believed) its the phosphors that will eventually give out - they loose their 'glow' over time as they are used.

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So if you used it for say 6 hours a day - which is a lot , that works out at about 11 years , longer than a CRT which has an average life span of 7 - 8 years.


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"they loose their 'glow' over time as they are used. " - I know how they feel! The way I look at it - the average life of a plasma is approximately 4.5 times X, where X = the time I can go before the urge to upgrade overpowers me.

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