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:lease: Hi, this seems like the best place I've found on the internet for answering this sort of question so here we go......................

I have been revving myself up over the past few months to buy a 42" plasma screen. However, time limitations and not wanting to rush into things has limited the amount of research I've been able to do.

My main requirement if spending that sort of money on a TV is that it is future proof as much as is reasonably practical. Given that the next big thing is HDTV I want to make sure it will be capable of taking that happily and given that I get all my TV via Sky its going to have to have HDMI following Sky's edict about the connectivity of their HDTV box when it arrives.

I've always liked Sony TVs but none of theirs have the right connections so that's out. I really like the Pioneer PDP434XDE but my wife is grumbling about additional boxes in the living room as it has the separate tuner box (My hifi is in a separate room to the lounge so I can have as many boxes as I like in there but the lounge is her domain).

As such does anyone have or know where I can find a comprehensive list of 42" screen that have the necessary HDMI connection and that are currently available or are going to be out soon? Ideally with no additional tuner box although I may be able to win that argument on the basis of fewer wires going to the TV if I try hard enough.

I'm afraid the choice of Sky HD compatible plasmas is rather limited at the moment. Other than the Pioneer XDE you mentioned, there is the NEC 42XR3 or XM3 HD res), 42VR5 (SD res), the LG 42PX11 and possibly the Pioneer 43MXE1 should the rumoured new HDMI cards materialise. Hope this helps.

Or you could try this ( except its not out yet) = Samsung LNR460D 46 in. LCD Television

Your 'Choice' is quite limited at present.

The Pioneer XDE PlasmaTV is definitely a contender and worth noting the Media Box can be hidden away (at the rear of the TV) or on the end of 10m, 20m, 30m or custom cables; the IR pick up for the TV is on the screen surround you don't have to 'see' the Media Box to make it work.

Integrating a Plasma Display can be more streamlined than the PlasmaTV (with Media Box) though keep in mind you'll need to 'talk' to your SKY and eventually SKY HD box so an IR repeater or RF control will be required one way or another if you don't want lots of boxes in your TV lounge.

You may want to consider the NEW Yamaha YSP-1 single chassis Surround unit if you want some semblance of Surround sound and a clutter free 'wireless' install.


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