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Probable machines came before man.

It's probable a simulation of life existed before the first animals were born on planets; any simulate body is a machine, and it's likely nature does create machines in less strict universes.

This means machines probably came before men; what does this imply? Can we create conscious AI?

We can probably create a conscious AI; a robot would look very life like - it must have a brain and heart - and it can't be switched off.

One of the beauties of man is that he rests, refreshes and recallibrates. A conscious machine must be a stable energy continuum; this makes a sucessful conscious AI model improbable.

Just wait till your next life where you are living in a Destiny clone universe!


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Pincho....is that you?


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My problem with consciousness in, what we would call an artificial system, or if we wish to say "Man Made" is there is no real was to differentiate a simulated consciousness from a real one.

I cannot be sure in any way that any other human other than myself is conscious.
The only way I think anyone else is, is down to the things they say, and they way they act/respond to things.
If this seems correct then I simply assume they are, like me, conscious.

The point being if you could program in the code to replicate all the correct responses, then likewise, we'd have to accept it as conscious.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then chances are. It's a duck :)

It has crossed my mind of how fast I would imagine a lot of the population would react if you were treating a cute/realistic? looking animal/baby, in an harmful fashion, and it had been cleverly programmed to react in a distressed state, screaming, whatever.
We'd anthropomorphize something like that very quickly I feel.
Given clever programming I'd imagine a lot of people would simply feel there must be something more going on inside, simply by it's reactions if done well enough, despite it not being alive or conscious in any way whatsoever.
After all, how you could prove it's not?


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Somebody has been smoking stuff they shouldn’t.

Dwayne Dibley

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4 posts and banned. Is that a record?!


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Sloppy Bob

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Why would you rereg to post some random bollocks like that, knowing you're going to be (rightly) ridiculed.

Note, I'm not denying they are a rereg, it's probably Pincho, just why would you bother?
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