Probable daft question about power sockets

Ian J

I am about to tidy up my living room by getting rid of the clutter and wall mounting the plasma and replacing my speakers with inwalls.

I have come across some rather interesting looking speaker wall plates with all 5.1 connections on the one plate and there is something similar available for the HDMI connections but what happens about powering the plasma if all of the connections are happening behind the scenes.

Do I have to bring the power cable out through the wall and into a standard socket or is there some neater way of doing it.


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Hi Ian,

The best way of doing it would be to fit a single socket behind the TV, although you would need a sparky to do this. If you have power near by it shoud'nt cost too much, but it would involve chasing out walls or having trunking running up to the socket



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Neatest way would be to have a switched fused spur behind the TV with an IEC lead hard wired in at correct length to plug into TV with a bit of slack for hanging purposes... neat and tidy.. !

Mark Grant

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Hello Ian,

I would fit a switched fused spur behind the TV or a switched fused spur mounted away from the TV maybe at skirting board level so you can switch the plasma off when on holiday etc or if it needs powering down to reboot anything. There is not usually enough depth behind a wall mounted TV for a 13 amp plug, unless the TV is spaced off the wall.

If the spur is mounted remotely then a flex outlet plate could be used behind the TV, but you wont see behind the TV so dont really need it.

I use this bracket :
M-Form - 32" to 52" Universal LCD/Plasma Bracket

as they are sturdy and have a cut out for a single socket back box in the perfect place.

I dont fit a socket though as I usually use the cut out for all the AV cables and mains flex from a remote mounted spur and cover the hole with a single gang brush strip if the job needs to be very tidy.
Brush Strip Blank Plates : AV Cables and Interconnects, UK Cables Shop

Always check the location of HDMI sockets on the plasma before deciding where the cables exit the wall.


Ian J

Thanks Mark - that saves me having to do homework on the plasma mount too as I'll just buy the one that you recommended :)

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