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I was watching Pirates of the Carribean last night on my ae200. As the final credits were rolling I noticed a "smudging" near the right hand side of the screen. As this was lighter than the black background of the titles I thought that someone had turned the light on in the hallway and it was leaking through the edge of the door. On looking closer, the smudge was actually a slightly brighter patch of pixels with a pea green hue and roughly circular. On my 130" viewing area, the "smudge" is about the size of a tennis ball. I turned the pj off, let it cool and turned on again, still there. I used the shutter switch on the panny and it remained. Entering the service menus I used the flicker adjustment screen thinking the green screen might highlight the problem, however the smudge was totally invisible on the red green and blue screens. When watching any film the smudge is invisible but can be seen in darker pictures, now I see it all the time as you can imagine. Oh I also cleaned the lens to no avail. Any help appreciated.


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sounds like a dust on the green panel, search on here for threads on it, its very easy to get rid of but involves opening the pj, if you are carefull and dont damage anything there is no way panasonic can tell its been opened. All you do is take the cover off and buy a can of air duster from a pc shop or camera shop, take care to keep the can upright so as not to spray any liquid on the pannels. Turn the pj on its side and the locate the panels just look for the 3 sets of gold ribbons these leed to the panels and blow the air into the gaps, if you look carefully on the backs of the ribbons there is a sticker a red, green & blue, look for the green one and concentrate more on that panel, see this thread for some pics of the inside of an a300, the 200 will be similar.

Its very easy to do and will take no longer than 10-20 mins


Someone also mentioned to hold a hoover nossle next to the plates whilst you blast them with air.

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