proac tritowers


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Anyone tried those yet?

I like their shape more than conventional medium-large speakers like the Proac 140 or PMC FB1+, but need to ensure they are up to a good stereo performance. One dealer told me that they sound similar to the 140, but I hope to find out for myself soon. I have already heard FB1+'s, and thought they were superb.


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I heard these at the Bristol Hifi Show as a stereo pair and was very impressed. A lovely looking speaker that sounded much bigger than its size.

Let me know if you find a place in London that has these to demo I would like to upgrade at some point in the future and these and Ruark are on my short list.


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Thanks. Audio-T Enfield have promised me a pair this week. KJ Westone have had them at some point, so perhaps will get them again.


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Well, I finally had a listen at Audio-T Enfield, using Arcam DV137 source and AVR350 amplification. Listened to CD and SACD (stereo only), from Miles Davis to Scorpions. Compared to PMC FB1+.

The Tritower looks marvellous, I love its small size and the the plinth makes it very stable. It sounds excellent all round (please bear in mind I am not a musician or experienced audiophile). The dynamic rnage, depth of sound stage, timing, warmth and scale of bass were all great. It may have missed out to the PMC for the enjoyment of rock, which was a little too polite. It was probablt better for picking out small details accurately (eg the sound of the piano pedal in the intro to Pink Martini's La Soledad).

More opinions very welcome!


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I bought them and I am very happy as a result!

I am surprised none of the magazines have reviewed them. Doesn't Proac have a PR department?:D

Anybody else here got them?


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Proac PR has always been very minimal, which is a shame as they make some great speakers.....

Glad you're enjoying your new ones!

Adam Shaw

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We had a pair of these running with the 740A/C at the Hong Kong show in August. They are very nice, very clear without being sharp.

May not provide enough bass if you have a big room, but have a demo.

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