pro50 or quake?



I've tried to arrange a home loan of these two subs, but the Hifi Shop nearest to me are taking their time getting the subs out to me. This is partly because I don't have a car, which makes things a bit difficult.

As a result, I'm seriously thinking about buying one of these subs online without a demo. Before I get criticised, I know it`s always advisable to get a demo first, but since my circumstances make it very difficult to get a home loan, I don't really have much choice.

My room is quite small (15*12ft), and I am looking for a compact sub to use purely for music - I've narrowed it down to either the quake and pro50, and wondered which would be better for music. I'm verring towards choosing the pro50? What do people think?

If I followed the What HiFi awards, I would have bought the Rel Q150 (subwoofer product of the year 2nd year in a row!), but thanks to this forum, I didn't buy this - people here don't
rate it very highly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated .

there have been a couple of threads recently about Quake v Pro 50 and most people who had heard both plumped for the Pro 50
......Or you could check out the Velodyne cht10 over at the power buys.......................(which i will risk my neck and say it is better than both)
I had both subs for a home audition a couple of weeks ago and lets just say the Quake was boxed up pretty quick. I found it either dominated the soundstage or it sounded flat, I tried it in numerous locations and just got fed up with it. The MJA Pro is such an easy sub to intergrate with your main speakers and if music is your priority, forget the Quake.

It's a shame you can't demo both subs at home, but I am almost certain you would find the same results.

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