Pro-V output to component video input?

Bert Coules

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Is it possible to use a Pro-V (which has only a D-Sub fifteen pin VGA output socket) with a projector which doesn't have a VGA input?

I do have an SVGA - component cable, but connecting the Pro-V to the projector with this produces no signal at all.

Was I being technologically naive in thinking that it would work?




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The SVGA to component cable just feeds the RGB signals into the YUV inputs, it just ignores the horizontal and vertical syncs. With a component signal you get the sync pulses on the Y signal. I know that Audio Authority and Key Digital both make convertors that go from VGA to component (and vice versa) but these tend to be designed for HD modes and I don't know if it would lock to this signal. If I remember correctly the Pro-V can only accept S-Video and composite inputs which doesn't offer the best signal that you can get.

Bert Coules

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Thanks for the reply.

You're quite right, the Pro-V has only s-video and composite (and VGA) inputs; however, it does make an appreciable improvement in picture quality even on composite, which is why I was hoping I could use one on a pj with no SVGA input.

Ah well...



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Hi Bert,

haven't heard from you for ages!

What inputs does you projector have? Is there five terminals marked R, G, B, H, and V ??

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

Bert Coules

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Hi John,

...Is there five terminals marked R, G, B, H, and V ?

No, the inputs are the standard component video trio (Y-Pb/Cb-Pr/Cr), a single composite video, and DVI-I (labelled RGB/Component).

In another thread I've been discussing the possibility of using a secondhand iScan Pro into the component inputs.



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DVI-I can accept an analogue signal, so use a DVI/VGA converter and connect up to the VGA out on the Pro-V. should work.


Not should, will. But the vga will be 4:3 with widescreen images letterboxed. What your Z2 will do with this is display it as a 4:3 image, ie a little strip of picture witha border all round, until you play with the settings. Then you can stretch it sideways to fit, and IIRC go to Zoom mode, and fill the screen. At this point you might just as well connect up with S-video. There's a bunch of iscan ultras 2nd hand in classified, have a chat with Jasonjo, see if he'll sell to you, save him the bother of fleabay.

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