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Currently, I am using an Epson EMP7000 which is an XGA LCD projector through an S-video connection. The image is detailed, although I would like to remove some of the jaggies by using a deinterlaced signal.

I am after some advice as to whether a Pro-V unit set to output XGA would provide me with an improved image, or whether it is worth paying an extra £400 say for an Iscan. Am I correct in thinking that the Iscan outputs a standard VGA resolution? Would this lower resolution be noticeable?

Thanks for any advice.

You've got two requirements,

a) to do high quality de-interlacing and remove artifactis.

b) to match the rez of your panel in the purest path possible.

An iscan will do A and is far superior to a PROV in this department, as far as I'm concernced the PROV's de-interlacing isn't much betten than most projectors. However the ISCAN is only SVGA, so it's down to your projectors scaler.

A PROV will do B bust as mentioned doesn't de-interlace to well.

To answer this question you've got to work out what your projector is the weakest at, scaling or de-interlacing. Most are usually poor in the De-interlacing department, so I would go for an ISCAN. However you may find that a progressive dvd player will be just as good, especially one with the same chipset as the ISCAN.

Ofcourse matching the panel rez and high quality de-interlacing is your aim. You may find that even though the ISCAN offers lower resolution, your scaler in the projector maybe okay to deal with a lower rez, but quality de-interlaced signal.

I have had both the PRO V and the ISCAN, and the PRO-V is really just a cheap switcher box as far as I'm concerned.
OK I cannot comment on ProV.

iScan is NOT svga. It is also not VGA. It is a de-interlacer and will output
720 x 480P at 60Hz (which isn't VGA but is close enough that most fixed pixel devices I've come across will display it)
720 x 576P at 50Hz (which isn't VGA and isn't close enought to fool anything) This means that you must confirm with your projector manufacturer that the unit will sync to a 576P50Hz signal in either YPrPb or RGBHV format. Otherwise it'll be an expensive mistake.

If your projector will accept such signals I'd expect it'll be a big improvement

The ISCAN (assuming we are talking PRO) definately has a RGB based VGA output even if it doesn't exactly follow VGA spec.

My projector sensed both resolutions in SVGA.

Although I suppose what you say is true it doesn't re-map exactly to an SVGA or VGA resolution, just that my projector did fit both outputs to 800x600.

LCD projectors with auto sensing will lock to the nearest size and refresh rate.
Rone: You are lucky that it worked with you.

The Iscan will output either YPrPb or RGBHV through its HD15 (VGA) socket. There are many devices with HD15 sockets labelled VGA. This is the wrong nomenclature though. Before using such a device with your display unit it is always adviseable to try them together to see if it will work. That is all I suggest. There are folk who may have read this thread and assumed the Iscan will output a VGA signal that their own display device will work with. It may not........

Before using such a device with your display unit it is always adviseable to try them together to see if it will work.

I'll tell you what, this is damn good advice. I purchased an ISCAN sight unseen and my projector didn't support PAL progressive which was a costly experiment.
Thanks for the advice. Could I confirm one issue however. If my projector can't handle PAL progressive, but could handle NTSC progressive, would the Iscan Pro be OK for NTSC discs?

If the Iscan isn't compatible with my projector, would the Pro-v be better than nothing?*!


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