Pro-V : In 2 minds.



I'm not sure whether to get a Pro-V or not.

Good Points

Just having a VGA cable to the projector instead of VGA, S-Vid and component sounds great. One cable to hide.

A sharper picture from Sky Digital.


Bad Points

Picture delay causes audio/video synch problems. I might be able to fix this with distance settings on my Sony STRDB940 Amp.

I have heard people mention that the US version has a 'sports' mode which is lacking in the UK version. Not sure how bad the symptoms of the problem are.

No 'Just' mode available on my Panny PT-AE100

Hmmm. What shall I do???? Are the problems nothing???
Ah Ha.....Easy one this....Go for it.

I havent noticed any sync problems atall and the picture is excellent on Sky, I also run my DVD through it.

I have exactly the same PJ and screen as you and I can`t understand why you want the just mode... Sky fills my screen to all the edges and I`m prety sure the just mode works on dvd`s as I use it to fill out my screen when playing my SVCD Backups that are in letterbox asspect ratio.

I`m delighted with my Pro v and it`s useful as it also has it`s own brightness controls ect ect, which incidently I have used to get better blacks, (see my other thread on this subject). It`s also great as you mentioned as you can place it near to you gear hence no expensive cables to purchase other than the one that goes to the projector. It makes ceiling mounting a lot easier.

For the money it`s great
Walter, how is the Pro-V with fast moving pictures like football??

Any artifacts or smearing?
Originally posted by Walter mitty
when playing my **** copies that I made

Might want to edit out that bit, I think the mods frown upon even the mention of "copies" :D

Something in the forum rules alos I think.
I also have the ae100/proV combination and beleive that it is a worthwhile addition.

When I calibrated my PJ with avia the other day I would not have been able to get enough contrast without the additional settings that are available when using the proV.

If you dont yet have a progressive scan DVD player its a no brainer, IMO its worth it just for the improvement with Sky. The difference on an 8ft screen is like focusing the PJ if it wasn't. The only thing i have found is that with my svhs video when you fast-search the picture diasappears....I guess the processor cannot keep up:confused: Anyone else noticed this?
Just having a VGA cable to the projector instead of VGA, S-Vid and component sounds great. One cable to hide.

Jonny, the ProV doesn't have a component input. You'd still need to run component cables to your projector.

One (minor) drawback I've found with the ProV/AE-100 combination is that a very abrupt change of brightness or contrast does momentarily cause the picture to break up very slightly. I don't want to exaggerate this: it was some time after I got the ProV that I noticed it at all, and then only in scenes where flash photography was going on - and even then, the breakup only occured in the actual location of the flash.

Oh, there is one other thing: the ProV doesn't like the "vertical scroll" setting of the projector: I get a horizontal line right across the picture in that mode. Personally, I don't care for the setting, so this is not a problem.

I do regret losing the JUST setting though. I rather liked that, for filling the screen with a 4:3 image - I found that my brain very quickly adapted to the stretching at the edges of the picture, so long as the centre was undistorted.

Overall, the improvement in picture quality outweighs the few small drawbacks, I think.

Hi Johhny,

I cant say I noticed any problems whatsoever with my Pro V regarding the picture with fast moveing things such as football, however I must say I don`t watch much football so I`m not the best person to answer that one sorry.


thanks for that......did I say copies? I meant my back up disks of course
Ok Alphakahn thanx
At the moment, I'm using my HTPC for DVD instead of my Sony 735D DVD player (£500).

I'd really rather use the DVD Player (for convenience) but the PC blows it away in terms of picture quality. Would using the DVD player (through S-Vid) and a Pro-V give a near PC quality picture?

What mode does the projector see the Pro-V as? XGA? W480? W720?

You can alter the Pro v`s resolution at the click of a button

I have seen W480 up but I cant remeber if it was on HTPC pass through, theres so many things I`ve tried I can`t remember, I`ll look for you next time I put it on. I`m only useing my projector about twice a week at the moment thanks to work.

What I can tell you is whether it`s W480 or not the picture is ALWAYS good,
Awwww well done johnny please let us know what you think of it. By the way you have the same set up as me except for the Sony....I use a Pioneer.

I hope your pleased with the Pro v

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