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Whats the best way of connecting my Sony 900 dvd, Sky plus, VCR & PS2 to Panny 100 projector with Pro V

I want to use VGA cable to Projector if possible. Would it be ok to feed all video sources to my Denon 3802 and then one S video lead to Pro V or would I be better with component leads direct to projector.

VCR is not SVHS so would have to feed composite input to AV receiver.

Also has anyone had experience using a longish vga cable - say15 foot. Where can you buy these - I seem to remeber trying a long monitor lead on my PC once the quality of picture dropped right off.

My thanks for any help
Originally posted by JSW
Tim get your vga cable from

mines 10 metres and is excellent quality.

Make sure you go for one with male to male connectors.
Hi my cables 10 metres too No probs at all,

The Pro v is a little limited with it`s inputs I`d consider putting your video or some other appliance of your choice direct into the projector Via it`s own S vid socket, perhaps the one you wont be useing as often, and the best through the Pro v.
you cant run a composite into the denon and a svid out. It can only video switch the same format. i.e you would need to run a composite and svideo cable out of the denon.

Does the vcr have rgb? if so get the rgb -> svid converter. That would solve your problem. Or maybe a composite -> svid converter.
Thanks for the info.

So, assuming I can get Svideo from VCR and PS2 and feed to Receiver - and then receiver to Pro V, would the quality of picture be better for all sources including DVD than for a direct component run to projector.

Essentially I am trying to find out if I can do away with the need to purchase and install long runs of cable. One SVGA cable and a mains feed - up walls and under floorboards and holes in ceilings etc is a simpler and less costly installation (and more wife friendly!)

Any comments welcome.


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