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Pro Projector Seeked For Large Venues

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by gopalsl, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. gopalsl


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    I am looking for a good projector to take to various venues where the viewing audience of about 200 are occassionally glancing at my rear screen projection. I use the screen to show a link from a video camera and to show my digital camera pics during a wedding.

    I have been hiring a Mitsubushi S290u which has 1600Lumens on LCD and 400:1 contrast ratio. I feel that i should now buy my own brighter projector.
    The issues i have to deal with is not having a great distance to projector onto and sometimes am not sqaure on so keystone is sometimes a problem.
    I am often behind a wall so I would definite need a cabled remote control.

    I am looking to spend upto £3000 on a decent pro like projector. I see many like the Hitach CPX-1250 with vertical axis shift etc at about this price.. howver i also see BenQ DLP projectors of 3000 lumens at £1200 so am confused on what is so special about those costing double the amount.

    I have a 54" x 74" Video Format rear screen so am looking for a minimal distance to fill up the screen at various venues.

    Could some help on which direction and models to look at and should i be thinking about low budget units. I also need to buy a 2nd projector for backup to take to venues so perhaps some help on this would be appreciated.

    Thanks alot.

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