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Pro Logic settings on a ca 540r v2


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Hello I recentley got a azur 540r V2 and a very nice bit of kit it is to. the instruction book however is a bit naff and doesnt really tell you anything other than how to plug it in and switch it on.

it has some different settings for pro logic such as Emulation, Virtual, Matrix and custom, along side the standard Movie and Music. I know what the last two do but does anyone know what the first 4 are for? and the custom one does any one know how to customize it?



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I don't know this particular amp, but, on all the amps I've owned, the sound modes seem to be designed to mutilate the sound. They just add fake reverb and delay to the surround channels.

Don't bother using the effects, just use "straight" DD5.1, DTS or Prologic II.


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thanks for the reply. i dont think they are different reverb settings. its different ways that the prologic 2 decoders seperates the sounds to different speakers. and i wanted to use the custom one to see what it does


I certainly agree with Prologic mutilating the sound. The only time I use any of these settings is when watching TV and then I use "Passthrough"


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I 've been having a bit of a play with the Pro Logic and DTS Neo 6 settings and was searching to see what others' preferences were. I found this thread and thought I'd add my thoughts to it.

With my Mission Elegante E83, E8C and E80 speakers I found no great difference between PLII Music and Neo 6 Music. The Neo 6 possibly sounds a little more full range and dynamic, but neither can hold a candle to stereo which also has the advantage of switching the 540R into 2 channel mode for more power and sounds in an altogether different league.

Comparing the PLII Movie and Neo 6 Cinema settings for general TV watching is more interesting. I found the PLII movie has the clearest mid-range but sounding a little rolled off in the upper and lower frequencies, whereas Neo 6 Cinema sound very thin in the mid-range and is bordering on uncomfortably trebly. Neo 6 cinema is noticeably louder on all channels, particularly the rears. PLII makes very little use of the left and right channels and for me the soundstage is too narrow and tinny.

Actually the revelation from all of this is PLII Custom on the 540R. To my ears this comines the perfect combination of the front three speakers for regular TV watching with a combination of dialogue (where PLII movie / Neo cinema is best) and music (where PLII music / Neo Music work well). I find PLII custom still makes in-phase sound such as dialogue still sound like it is centred on the screen without entirely coming from the centre speaker and being too thin, as with PLII movie / DTS Cinema, and without being too wide and unlocalised to the screen as with either music setting. Where differences in the L and R signal are present, such as with background music, it jumps out of the L and R speakers with great soundstage unlike the PLII movie and Neo cinema settings.

Presumebly PLII custom is something the CA themselves have produced? Maybe by tweaking the width of one of the existing PLII modes?


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Isn't this forum wondeful :)

I got my V2 2 days ago, been messing around with speaker cables and such, and done some testing. I actually had the same question, what do the different modes do in terms of sound splitting.

Miler3 you are so spot on, the thing you said about the sound I really agree with you. But I just noticed when I use PL II Custom the center speaker not doing anything or very low (cannot hear), so the sound does not feel like its coming from the TV, can you check your center speaker.

Another question I have is when I find the mode I want to use for TV, and then say I wanted to programme my harmony remote to always switch to that setting, I see a problem when you press PL II it starts on emulation and cycles, is there anyway to hold the setting of PL so it starts there, rather then emulation. (I doubt it)

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