Pro-Logic II on PlayStation2

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    From SPONG

    Dolby announces Pro Logic II for PlayStation 2.

    Dolby made a big noise at this year’s Game Developers Conference, announcing the immediate availability of Dolby Pro Logic II for PlayStation 2 development teams.

    This will enable five channel sound for the console, intended to impart a more immersive experience for the player through the magic of sound!

    "With an increasing number of gamers connecting their consoles to home theatre systems, development teams are recognising the demand for cinematic surround sound in their PlayStation 2 titles," said Jack Buser, Manager of Game Developer Relations for Dolby. "Pro Logic II is an easy-to-use solution for developers to give gamers that intense experience."

    Dolby has been keen to press home the technical prowess that Pro Logic II will exhibit for the PS2. Minimal latency and a full frequency range are all on the cards, all presented through five well-placed speakers.

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