Pro Logic II lacking in Bass


Dom H

Denon 3802, speakers set to small, x-overed @ 80Hz, levels calibrated.

Pro logic seems to be lacking bass, upping the sub level 8-10dB seems to do the trick, any ideas?

Dolby Digital/DTS/Stereo all work fine.
Does the 3802 actually use the sub for PL2? I am sure I answered a thread on this a month or two ago.
Originally posted by Nic Rhodes
Does the 3802 actually use the sub for PL2?

It must do otherwise all Bose users would only hear a squeak otherwise.

There is no LFE channel so there won't be the amount of bass that is present in a 5.1 DVD
Still can't find any outcome in those threads, just seems that PL2 sends a very low level output to the sub (I reckon it's down about 8dB)
Originally posted by Dave Taylor
I returned my 2802 because of the lack of bass in PL2.

That's the opposite 2802 experience to mine. I find I have to turn my sub up when watching DVDs as the sub is too over powering at that level when using PLII, especially on Sky music channels.

The handy thing about REL subs is that I can memorize the 'notches'difference on the volume control between the two optimum levels so it's not too much of a chore.
I have the new cheapo Pioneer VSX-C100 and likewise found I needed to turn the subwoofer up for PL2. However, I recently tried the s-bass function (I normally avoid such things like the plague) and found that it works really well with PL2. Just turning up the subwoofer still left out the lower middle frequencies, but if I leave the subwoofer level alone (as set for DD, DTS) and just switch in the s-bass, it sounds very close to to 5.1 DD. The other nice thing (don't know if all amps do this) is that it remembers which sound mode you select for each source. So I can select s-bass for the VCR source, but when I switch to DVD it will be be disabled (unless I have enabled it for that source too). I'm quite happy with my £190 worth.

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