Pro-Ject Debut III set up advice?

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    I just got a rather sexy looking Pro-Ject Debut III and being the beginner I am, I had no idea I had to do as much setting up. I followed the manual to the best of my ability and I'm not sure I've got everything right.

    Keep in mind I've got the flu, you wouldn't make fun of someone who was dying!

    Adjusting the downforce and setting up the anti-skate felt like something out of the Krypton Factor, I can't have done it right. To keep things simple, what kind of movement should I expect out of the arm, it's definitely tugging and wanting to go back to the rest. I had to increase the downforce to stop it riding right across the platter. That can't be good.

    The anti skating force adjustment part of the manual said I should slip the loop for the weight over the third groove of the stub to set the correct anti-skating force for the factory fitted cartridge. They are numbered as to where they are in relation to the bearing rings. Which part exactly is the "bearing rings"?

    Adjusting the azimut, that I didn't even attempt, but I'm guessing it's as important as the manual makes out. It mentions an alignment tool, is that something I would have to get before I tried to tackle that?

    The whole family thinks I've gone crazy, finding me dribbling snot and coughing, wrapped in speaker cable, then watching me put a dish of sand into the oven. I'm sure they've all come to conclusion I've cracked and now I'm trying to bake cakes with mineral aggregate.
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    Thats way to many questions in one go.

    First get the cartridge fitted to the headshell, dont tighten it up just leave it so you can move it about fairly easily.

    Now you need two other items:

    An alignment protractor (which you can download off a web site somewhere or other). Its a bit of card with a hole for the spindle and two crosses marked on it and some parallel lines.

    Stylus gauge, sort of see-saw arrangement marked in grammes.

    Make sure you also hace the proper tools for tightening the cartridge (not just a pair of plyers and a knackered terminal driver). It might also be useful to have a mirror and a nice bright light source.

    First thing you need to do is use the stylus protractor to set up the cartridge. Move it about until it is parallel with the lines and is also touching the two crosses on the protractor. Tighten up the cart, make sure its properly square in the headshell and not canted to one side.

    Now you can set up the tracking force. Use the stylus balance gauge to set the tracking force to the minimum the manufacturer recommends. Its trial and error at this stage as you really need a test record to make sure everything is tracking correctly.

    Next set up the anti skate according to the arm manufacturers instruction. This is also a bit of trial and error, but just increase it slowly from the minimum setting.

    Now depending on your arm /TT combination your almost finished. Sometimes you can also adjust the arm height. If you can, then you need to adjust it until its parallel to the surface of the platter with a normal record in place.

    Check again with the protractor, check the tracking force again and re-ajust if necessary

    Play records, watch for any skipping, if there is, increase the tracking force SLOWLY until it no longer causes a problem.

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