Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo Turntable Review & Comments

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Totally agree, this is a stonking little turntable for the money. I've been pretty impressed since it landed in the shop. Bosh a reasonably priced Sumiko on this and you'll be in vinyl nirvana for a reasonable sum of money.



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There were good prices on Ebay last weekish with their 20% off job, which will reappear again. The price of a 2M Blue stylus was around £100 so not breaking the bank once somebody wants to move up the ladder a little bit. I have been impressed with Project TTs for some time now, that says something with me coming from a Rega entrenched like.. Am looking myself to get a RPM 5 Carbon.


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Just moved from a debut carbon to an X1. Love Project. Great value.


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One minor thing that I can't understand is why they don't put a fastener / lock on the arm rest as a safety feature so that the arm doesn't jump out of the rest. I sent Project a mail about this and they said they would think about it in the future. Most turntables from cheap to expensive have this feature and it wouldn't cost a lot to implement it.
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It looks neat. I don’t know much about the Project range. Which Rega RP TT is it closest to ?

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Nice review @Ed Selley :)

This looks like a great first step into getting a lot out of vinyl. Rather than progress up the turntable hierarchy with upgrades to reach it, the Debut Carbon Evo looks like a great product to get in at and keep for a long time.


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I just picked up the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB, pretty much the same but with a speed change button, great TT ,

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