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Just wondering if anybody has seen any cheats or good tips for Pro Evo 2 on the PS2.
Have heard there are ways to change the teamnames etc...via the there a cheat or do i have to win the Konami cup 17 times on the run in extreme mode!!!!!

"you can't fight in here!! This is the War room!!"


someone was selling codes on ebay about £3 but i don`t know if they work.but someone on this forum said there is a disc coming out soon for £10 that does the lot i can`t remember who it was though.

Very nice indeed. Now will this also bring the current team members up to date, or do you still have to make transfers? If you do this, are these new players still available in two player matches, or just master league mode?



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If you win the Konami-Umbro cup with a club team you will get a message telling you that you can alter commentary in the edit section. This means that not only can you change team names in the master league but you can also alter how Peter Brackley pronounces them.

Yeah , done that thanks Bogside... Anyone know about my players transfers?


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As far as I know this upgrade doesn't allow for current transfers (eg Ronaldo to Madrid).

It's possible to do these yourself (for example):

Need to create Ronaldo from Scratch and replace him in the Brazil team.
Need to edit Ronaldo of Inter into anything you need and any name (make him Andy Cole if you want)
Need to take a Madrid reserve and edit him into Ronaldo.

Pain in the arse but the only way I'm afraid.


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The new downloadable XPort file on has correct teams and transfers. They are improving the stats all the time so if you're really keen on PES2 you should buy and XPort asap!

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