Pro Evo Soccer 5 - Xbox 360 -> Borders on side?


Hi there, just bought pro evo 5 from with the 12 month xblive starter pack...

Bit gutted, the image isn't full screen?

Any way around this?

Thanks :)


...seems abit of slowdown too :(


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change ur Xbox 360 setting to 480p. Then it will probably be full screen :p

I remember playin this at a m8's house on his normal 4:3 screen on a 360. I dont remember any slowdown.....

Munkey Boy

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Pro Evo 5 isn't a widescreen game, only 4:3, so you get black borders down the side when you play in 720p or 1080i. This is the true aspect ratio. If you want to stretch the image to fit the screen, you need to switch the display to 480p like the poster above says...

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