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Follwing on from my reply to the post yesterday by Munkeyboy (in the Champions league Thread), I have indeed found my spreadsheet for a Pro Evo League which actually makes setting up the fixtures and recording the results a doddle.

Therefore if anyone is interested then I am volunteering to set this up. :suicide: We need a minimum of 12 Players and a maximum of 20 to make it a viable competitive league, and above all we need players that are dedicated to the cause, which judging by the sucess of last weeks competition, we have here.

Therefore please PM me with your Gamertag, if you are interested, on a first come first served basis.

I aim to have the league to start on the same day as the Premiership (19/08) and run until about December, depending on number of players.

Thanks Guys.


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Not wishing to rain on your parade but PES6 is going to be out Oct/Nov so running a league for an 'old' game might not be to appealing, but if the league could finish before the launch then you could have a successful league


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My input to this.

Harshly at first :D whats the point ? Your running up to december ? Who the :censored: is going to be playing PES5 in december when PES6 is just around the corner.

A league would take a good while to complete especially with this forum being a more mature audience its harder to stray away from commitments than if your a schoolie etc.

Secondly they hardly ever ever end up finished it only takes one player to get bogged down in fixtures and its becomes a mess. The best way to implement some thing like this is a tourny like you guys did last week. Its short sweet and alot of fun.

Been playing pro evo since the dawn of time and been in various world wide leagues on various websites and only one has ever been completed and that was only a 8 man league.

Edit : Too slow but point still put across :D

Munkey Boy

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I've got to back up Pooon on that one - needs to finish in October the latest I reckon.

Saying that I'd be well up for it, I can always commit to playing (except when I'm on holiday!), and can even help with admin if needed.

Plus it's better to post interest here instead of PM - it's like advertising the league and showing how popular it would be.

Anyways, keep us posted.


Very Good Point and one that i must admit, I overlooked. However, will people trade in their copy of PES 5 for 6???

If there is enough interest I'll happily set this up otherwise wait for PES6.


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You will also get people like me who sold PES5 on xbox to get winning eleven 10 on ps2 so cant particpate in this but will be getting pes6, so will join something for that. A Real Harcore PES/WE Fan :D

You will get alot more interest in a pes6 tourny/league than with pes5 so i think it will have to be set up a 2 weeks before the game is released as i can see there being serious interest in it., hence alot of planning.

Just my 2p's

Oh and if someone needs help etc ive run loads of leagues/tourneys in the day for pes4/pes5/we8/we9 etc etc so im a ready made candidate for help if its needed for PES6 :thumbsup:


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I doubt I'll trade 5 for 6 as it's rarely worth the trade in cost. Can't see me playing 5 once 6 is out though, it'd be like going back to your old girlfriend after you've got a better looking one with more experience :D.


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Sounds good to me. If we get 12 players what about setting it up for Sunday night at the same time as the cup comp (seeing as everyone managed to stick to it) and play 3 games on the night and the last week play 4 games meaning that in total we play 22 games (home and away) and the league will be over early October?

Anyway whatever you decide, i'll be in it


Just my 2p, but I agree with Kopite on this. I would like to play a league, but due to other commitments, it is sometimes difficult to get fixtures in. I think the best plan would be to do this when PES6 comes out. That means, most people will be buzzing with excitement at the new game and you're likely to get more people willing to play than the old hat that is PES5.

I would probably play though if you set one up, as long as there was a decent time period to play all fixtures. On that note, one league that I was in gave you 1 month to play 8 games or something and that seemed to work well.

Anyway, consider me if you would.



I will deffo be more interested in this once PES6 comes out...PEs5 is just irritating I feel on the 360 and I never had a old XBOX if that makes sense.

When PES6 comes out though you can deffo count me in!!!


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Im In 100%

But i think we should not do a full season. Say maybe half season, or 4 mini leagues... Full season ones normally die half way through the year as the bottom teams cant be arsed playing anymore.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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