Pro Evo 3

just bought the game from play as i had the demo but it was a little slow and jerky and guess what so is the game is there a patch i have a
2800 batron xp processor
512 ddr ram
ati radeon sapphire 9200se graphic card
any ideas???
Without looking at the game specifications, I'd put it down your video card. Try turning down the resolution and details and see if thats any better.

You'll no doubt find the latest patch (or at least a link to it) on the official website.
ok sorted is there any way of connecting a ps2 pad to a pc??? as the thrustmaster firestorm aint that good!!!!


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I've tried a few adapters to connect PS2 pads to the PC, the Play one is the best by far.

PES3 needs a pretty decent graphics card to run, slowdowns are not uncommon on lower spec machines.

Finally, don't forget to download the Wolf's patch (approx 73mb) which corrects all the team names, player names, gives the correct kits, updates the stadiums etc etc.
what about a 9800 pro atlantis 128 mb reviewed in pc zone they gave it 95%

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