Privacy conscious TV - what are the options?


I'm planning to get a new TV because we've decided we want a bigger screen (current 32") and better resolution etc, such as 4k and maybe UHD. But... we don't want to be served ads by our television on top of the ads that already come from the tv companies, we don't want a camera or microphone, or any of that privacy invasion nonsense. No Google, no Amazon, no Alexa or other assistants. We do want to watch Netflix and Prime, but don't need to browse the web on a TV set. So we need basic 'smart' TV functionality, but ideally from a manufacturer committed to respecting privacy and not selling data.

From searching around, it's looking tricky!

I'm looking to spend less than £1,000 and probably looking at the 43" sort of size, though could go bigger, and maybe smaller. If necessary we could get an Apple TV box to supply the Netflix and Amazon Prime services. We currently get those through our ageing Samsung TV, and other channels through a Sky box.
Happy to receive specific recommendations or simply general advice - such as "avoid this brand" or "check out this brand". Thanks for any advice or recommendations the community here can give.


Dumb TVs no longer exist unless you look at some supermarket specials. Best just forget the idea and buy a smart TV instead. You can turn off the microphone on most of them if you're worried about privacy...or just don't use the built in smart part at all.
Haven't seen a camera on a TV for years.

43" - really only poor models anyway at this size, so going for a non-smart 40/43" TV will not give you a massive drop in quality. If you can still find a non-smart one.

I have no clue which brand respects privacy more. I think that Samsung, Roku, LG and Android models have ads, but they are usually ads to watch things, not ads for something different.


Many commerical TVs are not smart, if you really want a non smart you could look at those options. NEC, Panasonic, LG, Sony and Samsung all have options. e.g.

If not, you can block Samsung ads using DNS filtering for their 'smart' TVs. Probably similar for other brands but I've done this for my idiot Samsung TU8500 TV.

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