Prismasonic (anamorphic) lens, any experience (HT1000) ?


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Notice the Norway company Prismasonic has the anamorphic lens V200 for total of £425

I have a NEC HT1000
Anamorphic lenses get a lot of good press stateside, with a few models but prices hover around £1000

This Prismasonic lens seems well respected. And, I have been over their Web page
Does anyone have experience on these lenses and offer any comments before I consider buying

I know NEC do a lens but it is not avaialable separte yet and is very expensive £1000+
Many thanks


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I have read this before with the Horizontal stretch, but not as bad as that thread
Although agree a bit worrying.
I wonder if the Vertical squeeze is as bad.
Sure I've read people not so dissapointed with the V200 somewhere.

Agree better lenses around but the prise for us Brits sure seems attractive at £425 for the V200.

Has know one got this lens ??
Prepared to comment ?

The HT1000 is a great projector (I quickly got used to rainbows)
Probaby asking to much if this Prismasonic lense actually improves it, it's a tough question.



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I've heard enough good about the Prismasonic to believe it is worth a go.

I'm just a bit too broke to go for it right now!

I have the HT1000 too and would go for the vertical squish model.

It should improve even the HT1000. £400 quid to turn this projector into a 16:9 model is a bargain...

I'd probably pay that just to get rid of the 4:3 bars!



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They also have a special price going on the Panamorph over at AVS, $795 ... which at current exchange rates is about 450 quid


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I saw the Panamorph deal and it looks good, especially at the current exhange rate. However you have to factor postage on top of that. No idea what that is thorugh AVS, but Panamorph themselves charge $75 to UK so expect similar and there is also the possibility of customs getting you.

So you have to take a chance on VAT being added, plus import duty (4%?) and about £10 to £15 quid for the post office for the pleasure of opening it and collecting the cash.

Of course it might get through....

It cost me £50 to get a £200 phone last week.



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$795 for the panamorph, nice bit....
Everytime I have ordered from the states I have been got for import tax
795 * 4% import + $75 delivery + £15 post office etc + vat = £700 approx (hoping import will only be 4%)
If I'm wrong on costs let me know..the panamorph is good by all acounts.

The Prismasonic sounds good.....
I so love my HT1000, particually with my new home painted screen of silver and grey.
An anamorphic lens sounds good
Should last me a long time, well until high definition 1080 DVD come out etc....long time yet in the UK I would think.

Still trying to understand for sure if worth the move, I think it is.



I was just about to buy a horizontal primasonic when I read this article. I think I might go for a vertical squeeze one instead and sit a bit closer to the screen


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I've read all I can on AVS forum.
Seems prismasonic well regarded for the price.
New lens out the V500, another £150 ish. Reflective glass so less light reflected back at the projector.
Not sure what the issue is if your happy enough with the brightness as is.

I'm not botherd by pixel/grid structure so looking for any improvements in image.
Some people say the anamorphic lens improves the picture (must be differneces in scaling in the projector). Some shots show this but difficult to quantify from photos.

Still hoping someone will agree on it being a good purhase for HT1000 and improves the overall image. Most focus on reduced grid structure only (and reduction of the bars top and bottom)
I'm planning on keeping the HT1000 for a while
Wife would cut them off If I changed, LOL

Anyway ,thanks for advice


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We run a Panamorph PSO-SX21A lens on a JVC SX21 at work. It does a very good job of squeezing down the image, but does introduce a very small amount of chromatic aboration across the top of the image, in that the colours are quite perfectly lined up vertically. This affect blues and yellows in white areas most. It's not big, mind and only noticeable when right next to the screen with 1080i material, less so with 480/576p material.

We were looking at the potential for UK distribution but there's not an aparant huge demand for the lens to get the numbers up to the 'exclusive' distribution level. (ie we've had no enquiries from any dealers or end users before).


Tech Support @ Marata Vision


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Hello Bobbin,

When you look in the classifieds you can see that currently I am selling an anamorphic lens designed especially for the nec ht1000.

Friendly regards



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If I ceiling mounted I would be negotaiting with you right now Tom.

Sadly I table mount and a lens that screws on does not work for me as the table and HT are never quite in the same position. It would give me a focusing nightmare!

Good luck with your sale. But why are you selling?


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