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I'm after some advice of you guys.

I bought my folks a digital camera this Xmas.

I predict that generally they will take their memory card into Jessops, Asda, etc... and have them printed off their as the prices now are such that it becomes easier and cheaper to have them printed professionally.

But they also want to be able to print off the odd few photos at home for convenience.

I have installed with Paint Shop Pro and ACDSee but none of these seem to offer easy solutions for printing photos off in the standard 6X4 and 7X5 sizes. It needs to be a fairly easy process to do.

Having looked around a bit I have messed around with ACDSee FotoSlate. This allows you to set up your paper size, ie A4, then allows you to put templates onto the paper. So you can set up an A4 sheet with two 7x5 templates on.

All you do then is select the photos you want and drop them over the template. There are various other options including cropping the photo to fit the size or resizing it.

This is exactly what I have been looking for, but am wondering what other software you guys use and if there is anything easier to use.

My folks aren't the best on computers so something easy to use is the ideal.

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For editing of pictures, or printing more than 1 on a single page I use Adbobe Photoshop Elements. This is not that easy to use, but does give great results.
Just to print a picture that fills a page or sits in the middle of it I just view it in Windows picture viewer and then print directly from there useing just the standard printer driver to control how it is printed. How easy and good the results are will depend on the printer driver, but as I have a photo quality printer I normally get very good results.



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As not only the easiest but also the best I don't think you can beat Qimage.
Once you have set up the print template you just drag and drop pictures into the print queue and it prints them.
It remembers your printer settings (photo paper, best etc.) between sessions - you just drop a new lot of pictures into the queue.
Type Qimage into google. there is a free download version that works but has a short queue limit. 45$ to buy.
On my old computer Qimage was the only program that I could set printing 100 off 5x7's and did not fall over.

That said having tryed online printing services (bonusprint) I would never go back to messing about with printers again myself.


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If you're running XP, select the photos you want to print, the size, and press go. Works good for me anyway :)
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