Printable DVD-Rs for LG GSA 4082B


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I have the LG GSA 4082B DVD burner in my PC. I've always found it reliable on virtually all brands I've used - including Panasonic, Bulkpaq, Datawrite etc. I now have a Epson R220 and so can print on CDs and DVDs. However, I can't seem to find any blank printable DVD-Rs that are compatible. I've tried a few types including Ritek (G04 and G05) and Traxdata (I think they use a Ritek dye).

I contacted LG for help and they were of little use. I don't fancy trying to upgrade my firmware...and that may not even help. Their advise was to stick to well known brands like TDK. However, all the printable DVD-Rs seem to be generic type brands. Can anybody recommend any or know of a solution?:lease:


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Look here:

The absolute best is anything with a Taiyo Yuden dye, but they are normally a little more expensive. Verbatim and Panasonic seem to use this dye at the moment and are probably a little cheaper than the standard TY brand which you can only buy in bulk.

Usually the printables use the same dye as the normal ones, so I dont understand why you would not be able to use so many types or printable with your burner. I have had no trouble with any except a small batch which all failed which was obviously a bad batch rather than an incompatibility because I bought 6 tubs and the discs in 4 tubs were 100% OK but the other two had 75% failure...


apreading said:
....but the other two had 75% failure...

Phew - That's a steep failure rate!
I've used a pack of these:

They have a TDK TTG01 dye although they are made by Ritek and I had 100% success with them at 4x. I wanted full face printables for project really but these were very good value. Not used any other printables although I see Ricoh, my fave brand have just brought out a 16x printable.


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Thanks for the top tips guys. I must admit, I'm tempted to try the Bulkpaq or Datasafe ones from SVP for the following reasons:

SVP seem to have a good reputation
I've used Bulkpaq Orange and Datawrite Yellow (think it's the same as Datasafe) previously - and they work I hope it's the same dye etc
They're cheap so I'm not wasting another £12 if they're not compatible


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