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    W00t. I love this film and now it's getting the treatment:

    Princess Bride (Special Edition)
    Street: 4 Sept 2001
    16X9 - 1.85:1 - Color - English - 5.1 Dolby Digital, Mono - Add'l Language: Spanish - Sub: English, French, Spanish - CC - Region 1
    Andre the Giant, Billy Crystal, Carol Kane, Cary Elwes, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Guest, Fred Savage, Mandy Patinkin, Peter Cook, Peter Falk, Robin Wright Penn, Wallace Shawn - Dir:Rob Reiner

    At the loss of her true love, Buttercup becomes engaged to a prince, who unknowingly has a plan to start a war created by her murder. As the plan begins with her kidnapping, the Dread Pirate Roberts comes to her rescue. With the help of a washed-up swordsman and a giant, Roberts in the name of love outwits the forces of evil to save a princess and a kingdom.

    Audio Commentary by director Rob Reiner; Audio Commentary by author William Goldman; "As You Wish" Making Of; 2 Trailers; Footage shot by Cary Elwes during the making of the movie

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