Prince of persia:sands of time

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anyone played this?

best platformer I've played in years!

excellent graphics,superb animation and not too hard...

still only a fifth of the way through....

I loved the original PoP games, so rushed out to buy this when it came out. It is very good, and the graphics are really atmospheric, appropriate and well made - even on the ps2!

My only possible gripes for it where that I found it a bit hard to manage the fights without resorting to hacking away, that said with more practice I may have been able to get the smooth pretty fights it seemed capable of. I also found the time slowing special power a tad annoying as the Prince also slows down, would have been nice if he had stayed at the same speed, IMHO.

The end is also pretty good for a computer game and ties the whole thing up nicely, but the last bad guy is a push over.

Cool game, none the less.
yes, the fights can get a bit frustrating sometimes when the prince tends to hack away... I just keep pressing jump, so he rebounds of walls etc, to attack his enemies!

seems quite long... I've only completed 24%!
excellent game played it all the way through, superb graphics and gameplay , 1st gamei have played to the end for some time
yea , i just finished it...decent ending too. brilliant game.

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