Primare unwraps news high-end CD, DAB, digital amp combi, and new high-end power amp


John Archer

<img src="" align="right">Following is the press release from Primare about its new CD player/DAB tuner/digital amplifier, and A32 power amplifier…</p><p>”Combining a high performance CD player, DAB / FM tuner, state-of-the-art digital amplification and lustrous Primare design, Primare’s ultra-compact CDI 10 introduces great sound, simple convenience and a beautifully understated Scandinavian style to the compact system market.</p><p>Sharing the same CD transport as the award wining CD31, CD replay is of an exceptionally high standard. Advanced 24-bit/196kHz conversion is made available to both CD and DAB tuner reproduction.</p><p>Amplification is through a high performance Class-D (switch mode) design capable of delivering 75 watts into an 8 ohm load. To ensure the purest sound quality, all audio signals are balanced to remove noise before the amplification stage.</p><p>Connectivity and expansion are given high priority. Four line level inputs are offered, including a front panel mounted 3.5mm socket to facilitate the direct connection of a portable MP3 player. Integral A>D conversion enables all sources to be routed via either the analogue or digital record outputs. This approach allows for the seamless integration of virtually any recording system. Pre-amp outputs permit the addition of an even more powerful amplifier. </p><p>To satisfy Primare’s signature desire for operational simplicity, full remote operation is supported by the major function controls, conveniently mounted on the top panel, together with an interactive graphical display.</p><p>Sophisticated design and exemplary build quality distinguish and complete this definitive compact system. Guide retail price : £1500 (1 x Unit).</p><p>The A32 is an immensely powerful fully balanced power amplifier, conservatively rated at 2 x 250 watts into an 8 ohm load and 2 x 400 watts into a 4 ohm load. It is equipped with balanced signal transmission, keeping the signal as free as possible from interference.</p><p>Both balanced and unbalanced inputs are provided, as well as twin speaker terminals for biwiring, a trigger input and RS232C inputs. If the unbalanced inputs are used, the A32 internally converts the signal to balanced to take full advantage of its balanced design.</p><p>At the heart of the A32’s dual-mono topology is a massive 2000VA toroidal transformer featuring four separate windings, two for each (L&R) channel. Double rectifiers per channel are used to create a “floating ground” for the best possible galvanic insulation from the mains. The electrolytic bank is 90.000 uF per channel to ensure that is more than enough power available for even the deepest sonic transient.</p><p>The A32’s outputs are fully protected against DC (servocontrolled), high temperature and speaker terminal shorting. Alternative methods of protection, such as current limiting, affect sonic performance when using low impedance speaker loads.</p><p>The amplifier incorporates two standby modes. The first is the audiophile standby, in which all the power supplies remain active, only the speaker relay and idle current are lowered. In this mode the amplifier will start at optimum performance with no warm-up time. The second mode, suitable for extended idle periods, turns off all analogue power supplies and will therefore require a warm-up period before the A32 performs at optimum levels. </p><p>As with all Primare units, the A32 is housed in a heavy gauge steel alloy chassis, which provides strength, rigidity, and temperature stability, while being effective at damping vibrations from external sources.</p><p>With an unbound soundstage and dynamics delivered with effortless ease the A32 enters the world of elite power amplifiers. Guide retail price : £3000 (1 x Unit).”

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