Primare Spa22, 2 hour sound fest!!!!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by paswtyman, Feb 5, 2009.

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    Had the chance to try a Spa22 today at home for a couple of hours.
    All I can say is that it wipes the floor with my Yammy 1800, powerful, punchy, clear, 2 channel fed by a Naim 5i cd player was fantastic.
    Everything about the audio sounded better, Lfe would slam in and end with razor sharpness, surround was a lot better, in The Dark Knight when the joker is shooting at the swat van, the bullets hitting the van performed a perfect seamless circle, every channel being driven to its full requirement, no starvation to any other channel when demand was high on the fronts.

    It's so very simple in it's design and function, the handbook is only 7 pages, there a few menus, but it just's the sound that's important, not how many lights and buttons there are.

    Crossover can be set for, fronts, centre, surrounds independently and double bass output to send full range from fronts to sub too.

    I wish I had it for a few days, but then I guess I would have to be putting my hand in my pocket;)

    One slight negative (and only slight) was the time for the decoder to lock onto the audio when skipping chapters on Blue-Ray etc, it can take up to 4 seconds to lock on and pass audio, but when watching a film from end to end, it's not going to be a real issue.

    The Spa22 is also a thing of simple beauty with a build quality to die for, solid and precise in it's form as well as it's performance.:smashin:

    Guess I better start saving.:D

    The above is only my humble opinion :)

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