Primare & Dali together


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I wish to audition the Dali Ikon6 and the Primare I21 integrated amp together, and after a fair bit of searching, I cannot find them anywhere together. Has anyone come across the pair together?

I am looking to change my sitting room system, and want something reasonably priced, amp and cd, to be available in silver or titanium, and the speakers in light wood, like oak or birdseye maple. I have other combos to try, but I thought I would start here after reading many good reviews.


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If your ever in Sweden (Well, most of Scandanavia really...) then stock this combo.

Personally haven't heard the Dali's, but I demoed the MA-GS20s and Sonus Faber Domus. Ach, you can read my sig to see what I preferred!


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Primare works well with many speaker ranges, notably :

Dynaudio, Castles, Sonus Faber, Proac. (Which I have all heard on the end of Primare kit sounding top drawer).

If speaker finish is important to you :

I'd also suggest Diapason, from but that is just personal preference, FWIW Neat make speakers in the veneers you mention too and they are coming up with some interesting sub £1000 speakers these days IMHO.


I have listened to the Dali's. They were better than every other speaker I tried but, and it's a big one, they were also the ugliest by miles. OK if you don't care how they look but my other half does so we compromised a bit on sound in favour of appearance. We bought KEF IQ9's which sound almost as good but look great.


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Thanks for the replies. I have come to the conclusion, after seeing more pictures, that the Dali's are not acceptable. My short list includes the Neat Motive 1's,Quad 22L's,KEF IQ9's, and if they don't suit, then I will move on to some others. I have found a place that has the Neat Motive 1's and the Primare I21; Signals, outside Ipswich;and have booked a demo for when I return from holiday. I will let you know what I think.

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