Answered Primare d20 vs d30.2 or any Primare CD player


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I have Spa 20 a/v amplifier and try to obtain best cd sound on my 2ch Sonus Faber concertino.
If someone could me explain what is a better choice. I know only that D20 is an old original CD player originally made in Sweden ( not China)and it is last model with dedicated cd laser, not a DVD laser which where fitted in next generation models.
For all home cinema DVDs and blurays I have got different players. This is only for 2ch. I was thinking about buying d20 but considering newer models if they are significantly better in sound.
Thank You.


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The D20 is still good as a CD player, the D30.2 is still very good, however make sure you get the Mk ii version with 24 bit DACs, since although 24 bit is overkill for CD ... this version genuinely does sound significantly better than the Mk I version. I wouldn't buy any Primare CD player after the D30.2 (apart from the CD31 which I think is the same player as the D30.2 but different optics) - all the disk players after that are multi-standard players, so a compromise for CD. Having said all that ... I tend ultimately these days to prefer streaming to a DAC from a NAS via a Squeezebox, since that completely eliminates jitter.


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Thank You dave48 for clarifying on my question and also a wise clue how to avoid jitters when to come to stream music.

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