Primare A32 Faults


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My Primare A32 will not function properly, most of the time when I switch on the standby logo green light on the front it just flashes, and on the odd occasion when it comes on as normal the sound is restricted to the right channel only.

I've eliminated everything else in my setup such as pre, speakers, interconnects etc.

Any help massively appreciated, or if not does anyone know of trustable shop person in the Sheffield region I could take it to have it fixed?


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You may have tried this already but switch completely off at the back, and wait, then on again. Then power up at the front switch as normal.


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Get in touch with Karma AV, they're the UK Primare dealer. They recently fixed my Primare SP31.7 processor. They're based up in York, but it courier to and from them wasn't too bad. I needed a whole new digital board fitting, but price wasn't too bad in the end, about £200 all in.
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